Rivers Edge Nursing and Rehabilitation Center

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Resident Stories

“Rivers Edge is one of the best things that happen to me in my life. I was so sick, almost dead, when I arrived… they taught me how to breathe and deal with my sickness.  I was scared, afraid of the illness which gave me anxiety.  And because of them, I can celebrate March 9, 2013, leaving the nursing home and able to live on my own without a return hospital visit. I tell everyone I meet, if you every have an illness that requires skilled nursing care, Rivers Edge is the place to go!”  — Richard Mitchell


“The staff at Rivers Edge were so good to our family when my husband (Dad) and sister (aunt) were there.  They became our family and were a real blessing during those difficulty times; helping me with financial questions and concern while giving my loved ones excellent health care.  I recommend them to anyone.”  — Edith & Juanita Edmondson